Now here’s something interesting:


“C++0x is the planned new standard for the C++ programming language.”

Planned for release in 2009, the final name will be C++09.

This sounds good:

“Prefer introduction of new features through the standard library, rather than extending the core language;

“Prefer changes that can evolve the programming technique;”


“Attention to beginners is important, because they will always comprise the majority of computer programmers, and because many beginners do not intend to extend their knowledge of C++, limiting themselves to operate in the fields in which they are specialize.”

However, while reading though the draft, I can’t say that I notice this aforementioned attention… in some case, quite the opposite. I see many neat tricks that the experienced programmer will find good use for, but that the newbie will fail to understand how and when to use. Dealing with the basics of C++ is hard enough.

Well, I will return with a thorough review once I get around to it…

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