Projects – Introduction

This is an (incomplete) list of software projects that I’ve been busying myself with since.. well, ever. Most of these are freeware or shareware, some are open-source, most are closed-source. Many were made a long time ago, some were made only for a very specific purpose! These are all spare time / hobby projects that I’ve made för myself, so there’s very little in way of documentation or support.

2018: Currently I’m just doing work on some nuget packages and playing around with various ideas.

2012: Active or potentially active projects: jeDebug, jeSokobanSolver, jeTMS, jeCom, jeMailS, jeServerManager, filetome, showdbmeta, Kojvenepane.

Note to self – List of projects still in need of documenting, in no specific order: jeMediaBrowser, jeSokoban MFC, jeGlobe, jeVirtualFace, showdbmeta, jeSnake, jeAbout, jeFitDisk, jeAscii, jeDelTree,jeWebSokoban, jeSokobanLibrary, jeEnumServices, jeWait, jeCounter, jeCountFiles, jeHaleyDecoder, JEPP, jeDebug, jeMFC_State, jeQuickFile, jeList, jeText, jeTags, jeDojo, jeDupFinder, jeFileCopy, jeQueue, jeMisc, jeHexaSnake, je3dDemo, jeCleanse, jeMazeMaker, jeSplit, Nano, jeMarquee, jeSuffixes, jeDirTools, jeEntity, jeLucidWriter, jeCopyRight, jeSaver_GOL, jeDirInfo, jeHexaSaver, jeGameControl, jeCom, jeTieFighterSaver, jeMameCats, jeEditMM7, jeImagePageBuilder, jeLeech, jeMegaTouch, jeMP3, filetome, jeTMS, jeMailS, jeServerManager and for New Touch Pro: (ComInfo, CoolStat4NTPro2, DatSalv, Hojta, jeDeleteBadFiles, ntCountTexts, ntDoorMan, NTPROShell, SetNTProScreen, Snake, Speed4NTPro, VIP, Klump, LisInnPro, ntMacNull), and for Amiga (jeAmiNetFind, jeFastMem, jeGrep, jeInfo, jeMergeText, jeWildStar, CyberSamuraj, jeSIDNote, PeekMem, Procentometer, Valheru3D, ValheruIntro, Libber, jeConnect, Kalle), CatchTheLemur,

“[Programmers] are attached to their programs. Indeed, their programs become extensions of themselves – a fact which is verified in the abominable practice of attaching one’s name to the program itself…” – Gerald M. Weinberg, The Psychology of Computer Programming

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