jeSokobanLibrary is a C++ class library .lib that provides everything needed to create a sokoban game; including reading and parsing of sokoban levels in the different fileformats, all the game logic, undo and quick-jumps, rotating & flipping levels, output of solutions etc.

You just need to add the visual output graphics, maybe add some sounds and a highscore list and your game is complete.

jeSokobanLibrary will be made freely available for non-commercial use. Still not sure about commercial use, I’m thinking a small license fee wouldn’t be that wrong.

jeSokobanLibrary is made in well-designed, fast & memory-efficient no-warnings standard C++ code. The class hierarchy is very logical and you will be able to do anything you could possibly want to do with a minimum of code. jeConsoleSokoban is included. jeSokobanLibrary is 90% completed, I just need to add support for conversion between some data formats and figure out what to do with the licensing. Also there are some dependencies to JEPP and NebolCppLibrary that must be removed as those are not ready for release and I’d like it to be a self-contained entity without unnecessary dependencies.

jeSokobanLibrary is currently used by jeSokobanSolver and a few accompanying tools.

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