JEPP is a collection of C++ classes that I’ve created since 1990 or so. It’s a wild mixture of functionality and dependencies. Some of the classes are extentions of MFC classes, some build upon DirectDraw etc. Most are unfinished and lack a common design philosophy. Some classes from JEPP has been moved to NebolCppLibrary.

JEPP has a complete set of database classes handling object mapping and persistence with a minimum of manual coding called jeDatabase, an ASCII graphics engine called jeSmartConsole, a system for managing 2D vector graphics, a full set of container classes, date, string, RNG, error management, file I/O, misc win32-stuff, an implementation of the Munkres algorithm, the jeTextTransformationEngine which handles manipulating large amounts of text fast, etc etc. Many of these classes were used in Urkund code from 2002-2006+ but I think that most or all of that is replaced by now.

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