Neural network racing cars around a track

During Christmas of 2019 I got curious about machine learning so I put together an experiment. I wanted to see how well ML could drive a car around a racing track. I made a video of the application running and put it on YouTube, and it got quite some attention!

2.5 millions views… Just wow…

I kind of got a job offer or two as a result 😉 and the video also got the attention of Google’s AI guru David Ha who posted about it on LinkedIn! Lots of people had questions about it, how it worked, about the ML algorithm, the sourcecode availability.. and honestly I was a bit overwhelmed and I haven’t really taken the time to answer them.

So what else is up? I started another machine learning project which IMO is a lot cooler… 😉 but as usual, real life intervened with work and obligations, so that’s currently in limbo. If/when something gets done, I’ll post something on the YouTube channel…

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