Welcome to nebol.se

nebol.se is the website of Johan Eliasson.

Here you will find my blog Nebol Tells the Truth which was supposed to be about me & what I think about stuff, but it has become less about that and more of information regarding my various software projects (such as jeSokoban) as well as various other silly media that I have created. But I find myself removing stuff as it’s too old and silly. I’m a “data-hoarder” but not everything deserved to be saved…

There are also some other blogs, wikis and services such as personal photoalbums, audio/video-streaming, Minecraft-servers, mailserver, sftp server, backups, databases etc, wallabag, nzbhydra, usenet-downloaders, gogs, and I could go on but I’ll stop here, most of it for personal use.

Since about 2018 this intranet is running on a docker swarm split up between a couple of servers: a VMware ESXi server, and a Dell r710 which was quite the boost, a couple of Raspberry Pi’s. The swarm is running on CoreOS. I’m not 100% at terms with CoreOS yet, but the swarm performs surprisingly well after a LOT of tinkering.