Joe Hill – Heart-shaped box

I am a bit tired with S. King and D. Koontz… After a number of books you get to know the authors too well… I know their stories, their techniques, their vocabularies…

Heart-shaped box is the debut novel by Joe Hill, and so far, a few chapters in, it has made quite an impression on me. The characters feel more real then S. King’s cannon fodder, and the story gives you real goose-bumps. His wording is excellent, beautiful. A couple of sentences made me stop for a few seconds to think “wow, that’s brilliant!” which is rare. I almost hesitate to continue reading now as I don’t want to risk disappointment.

I’m not much for spoilers so I won’t bother going through the story, you can look it up here:

Highly recommended book!

Update: Wow, I just gooogled about the book and found out that Joe Hill is actually Stephen King’s son! 😀

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