FILEZ: The chassis has arrived

The chassis has arrived. It’s a Lian-Li PC-343B Modular Cube Case, a double-wide chassis with 18 x 5.25″ bays, how about that? It’s my first Lian-Li and I’m very much impressed. The outside is pleasing to my eye and the inside seems well designed. Remains to be seen how it works out when the rest of the components arrive. 🙂

On to some photos… (you can click the pictures to view them in full size)  :

On the back you have a number of “slots”/panels for fans, drive bays and/or PSU’s. It is shipped with a panel for one PSU, but you can buy additional panels for installation of a second or redundant PSU.

You can have three 120mm fans, or replace the two on the left side with drive bays (including an 80mm fan) containing three 3,5″ disks. If you don’t want the fans or anything you can buy cover panels to cover up the holes.

Can’t wait to get started building this thing!